Classic Wool Trilby Hat by Lierys Rain hats Lierys 84H0jIVMjQ

Classic Wool Trilby Hat by Lierys Rain hats Lierys 84H0jIVMjQ
Classic Wool Trilby Hat by Lierys Rain hats Lierys
Houston Assisted Living and Eldercare

Austin Allen vs. Austin Hedges ? Does the organization seem higher on Hedges' defense or Allen's bat long term?-- Aaron K., Costa Mesa, Calif.

The short answer: Hedges' defense. It's elite, and there's no better spot for elite defense than behind the plate.

The longer answer: They'd really like Hedges to hit -- at least at a higher clip than his current .520 OPS. If he doesn't make significant strides, that could leave the door open for Allen, the team's No. 27 prospect . He's a big-time, left-handed bat with questions defensively. Hedges is still the Padres' catcher of the future, but Allen could force his way into something of a platoon with the defensive-minded right-handed hitter (or, at the very least, he could turn himself into trade bait).

Which Padres on their Top 30 Prospects list will have to be added to the 40-man roster before this year's Rule 5 Draft?-- Devin O.

There's going to be a roster crunch come November, when players need to be added to the 40-man roster or risk being selected by another club. Recently, San Diego has been on the other side of that dilemma, adding Luis Perdomo , Allen Cordoba , Luis Torrens and Miguel Diaz via the Rule 5 Draft.

This time around, nine Top 30 prospects must be added: second baseman Luis Urias (No. 3), right-hander Anderson Espinoza (No. 7), right-hander Chris Paddack (No. 8), right-hander Jacob Nix (No. 12) outfielder Edward Olivares (No. 18), right-hander Trey Wingenter (No. 19), right-hander Pedro Avila (No. 23), Allen and outfielder Michael Gettys (No. 28).

It's not going to get any easier in the coming years, either, given the Padres' loaded farm system and the influx of talent that arrived internationally and via the Draft in 2016.

AJ Cassavell covers the Padres for Follow him on Twitter Chino shorts with a tiearound belt yellow female Taifun k0EMx

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Schebler goes deep on 1st pitch vs. White Sox

By Mark Sheldon PREMIUM Lace Tulle Mini Prom Dress Grey Asos Tall Xz5on
7:59 PM EDT

CINCINNATI -- It took virtually no time at all for Slip on Sneakers for Women On Sale White Leather 2017 35 6 65 75 Prada Leather 3.5 6 6.5 7.5 Prada White DkLIw5JfGT
to make an impact for the Reds on Monday.

Leading off the bottom of the first inning against the White Sox, Schebler hit a first-pitch home run past the right-field bullpen for a 1-0 Cincinnati lead.

View Full Game Coverage

White Sox starter James Shields tried a 72-mph off-speed pitch to begin his night, but Schebler connected on it with an exit velo of 110.1 mph, per Statcast™ . It was the seventh of Schebler's 11 homers for the season that he launched on the first pitch of an at-bat. That's tied for second-most in the Major Leagues with Chicago's Kyle Schwarber , behind Washington's Bryce Harper (8).

All four will play KU as major underdogs. According to early numbers from Bart Torvik , KU's expected win percentages in each of those games are 95 percent or above, meaning the risk of an upset is almost nil.

This small attention to detail has real consequences. It can be seen most clearly in another of Torvik's calculations, as his 2018-19 RPI forecast has KU at No. 1 ... with no other team particularly close.

This schedule should look good to the selection committee as well. The group doesn't exclusively use RPI anymore, but it does still employ that ranking to determine the numbers in its quadrant breakdown; each team's wins are broken into four quadrants, with the committee showing a tendency last year to overvalue Quadrant 1 and 2 wins.

(As a quick primer: Quadrant 1 wins are home victories against RPI teams 1-30, neutral-court wins against 1-50 and road victories over 1-75. Quadrant 2 covers home wins against RPI teams 31-75, neutral-court wins against 51-100 and road victories against 76-135.)

Each of the four potential wins mentioned above have a chance to end up in Quadrant 2, just like last year's home blowouts against South Dakota State (98-64) and Toledo (96-58). Those two results helped KU accumulate 21 combined Quadrant 1 and 2 wins in 2017-18; that was the most of any team in the nation , and certainly helped the Jayhawks' case as a No. 1 seed on Selection Sunday.

The truth is this: Coach Bill Self probably doesn't need a seeding safety net this year. The Jayhawks appear to be loaded , and they're likely to be either No. 1 or No. 2 in the national preseason polls released in a few months.

KU isn't letting a potential hidden advantage go by, though. The Jayhawks not only filled out the top end of their nonconference schedule, but they also continued to smartly select the rest, choosing opponents that the RPI will love and the selection committee will at least recognize.

Maybe someday more schools will follow suit. Or maybe — hopefully — the NCAA will work to close this loophole.

Until then, expect KU and Keating to continue their RPI manipulation ... one hand-picked school at a time.

2018-19 KU nonconference schedule (home games in ALL CAPS) Thursday, Oct. 25 — EMPORIA STATE (exhibition) Thursday, Nov. 1 — WASHBURN (exhibition) Tuesday, Nov. 6 — vs. Michigan State (Indianapolis, Champions Classic) Monday, Nov. 12 — VERMONT (NIT home contest) Friday, Nov. 16 — LOUISIANA (NIT home contest) Wednesday, Nov. 21 — vs. TBD (Brooklyn, N.Y., NIT semifinals) Friday, Nov. 23 — vs. TBD (Brooklyn, N.Y., NIT finals) Saturday, Dec. 1 — STANFORD Tuesday, Dec. 4 — WOFFORD Saturday, Dec. 8 — vs. New Mexico State (Sprint Center) Saturday, Dec. 15 — VILLANOVA Tuesday, Dec. 18 — SOUTH DAKOTA Saturday, Dec. 22 — at Arizona State Saturday, Dec. 29 — EASTERN MICHIGAN Saturday, Jan. 26 — at Kentucky (SEC/Big 12 Challenge)

inRead invented by Teads

The Martello is intended to be Vittoria’s most versatile tire with very even tread spacing and mid-height blocks with plenty of siping. The pitch looks open enough to still clear some muck, the blocks themselves big enough to hopefully not squirm in hard conditions. There is less of a defined cornering channel, so this would be an interesting tire to ride to see the effect of the intermediate side knobs--if there is any washout when pushing hard from upright to pitched over as weight would be dispersed over many blocks in the intermediate lean position. Some tires with lots of intermediate knobs do this, others don’t, so we’d have to ride it to find out. Current Martello 27.5×2.35-inch TNT tires reportedly weighing 920 grams as per Vittoria’s website.

Mota--$69 TNT rTNT, 2 Fold prices yet to be finalized

The Mota is billed as a DH mud tire and the open spacing and menacing blocks definitely seem to back this up, but the not-too-tall central tread and cut, pyramid-like side knobs look as though this could be a fun tire in conditions other than slop. With the Mota, Martello and Morsa, Vittoria hopes to allow interchangeability so that riders can mix and match tires--pair an aggressive Mota in the front, a slightly faster Martello in the back. Looking at the Mota and Martello, the two do look complementary, particularly both sporting progressive siping. A 27.5×2.3 TNT Mota according to Vittoria weighs 940 grams for comparative purposes.

Another interesting feature is that Vittoria uses two tread compounds per block: a harder compound at the base for stability and a softer top for extra grip. Now, before we get too excited, most tires do have use a harder base rubber to act as a foundation for tread, but Vittoria’s approach on each block, and having separate base block compounds for central versus side tread is definitely compelling. Quite a lot going on.

Vittoria USA

#2 Fold Eclipse Mens Outdoor Multisport Training Shoes TBS Z7JPlXDP
#Martello Charm Bracelet MOLECULAR RAINBOW ROSE by VIDA VIDA aX7k4SBP42
#Mota Womens Alky213fly Closed Toe Ballet Flats FLY London kR0xS0

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Cannondale Release Lightweight, Stiff Single-Crown Lefty
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Dealing with Poison Oak Using a Cold Shower and Dish Soap
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Whoa. Hey there is literally only one over the counter poison oak near-cure. It's called Zanfel and is like 45$ for one ounce. It's unbelievable in that it works in seconds. I was covered in poison. A lot of it, even on my jewels. I was in misery. Thankfully a buddy of mine is a doctor and told me to just go buy that stuff. It's a miracle especially if you can catch it somewhat early. The inflammation will still be there but the itch is GONE
Bill to Address Bikes in Wilderness | BIKE Magazine
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The original Wilderness Act in 1964 had the phrase no other form of mechanical transport so it's clear that mountain bikes were never intended to be in Wilderness Area... Mountain bikers are less than 3% of the Population and Wilderness Areas are less than 3% of the land area in the lower 48 States. This is not even going to make a dent in any mountain biking access issues if such issues actually exist. 78% of the US Forest Service Trails already allow mountain bikes and the Forest Service has the largest trail system on earth… The Sustainable Trails Coalition, the group that is lobbying for this Bill, has collected over $200,000 and has not released any financial statements or taxes showing how exactly how the money has been spent. Any respectable organization that is collecting money for a cause would release their financial information. STC is also formed under the section of the tax code that allows it to take donations for lobbying or campaigns without revealing who their donors are. In other words, STC is just another Dark Money Group… Ted Stoll of STC in his testimony to Congress stated that only certain types of mountain bikers would be going into Wilderness Areas. Sounds like Ted is discriminating against other types of mountain bikers…
Tested: The CushCore Foam Insert To Nearly Eliminate Pinch Flats
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Why did the head-tube angle only change by 1 degree, but the seat-tube angle changed by 1.5, if it's the same frame? Also, raising the front end will make the seat angle slacker, but it won't make the seat any farther away from the stem, considering the frame isn't changing shape. In fact most people would slide the seat forward on the rails or choose a seat-post with less offset in order to counter the slacker seat-tube angle, making the seat to bars length _shorter_ than before.

Volume spacers for your tires

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» » Blog di alicerotamarketingkmzeroit
Mag 04, 2017 Season 6 washed sneakers Black Yeezy by Kanye West s4aak78
vendere online performance sito web
By alicerotamarket...

Sempre più aziende aprono un e-commerce con un obiettivo chiaro: vendere online . Ma vendere quanto? E in quanto tempo? Siamo sicuri che un e-commerce funzioni solo perché è online?

Se pensi che vendere tanto e in poco tempo (magari investendo poco) sia facile , allora è bene che consideri alcuni degli aspetti di cui parliamo in questo articolo: come valutare le performance di un e-commerce e come ottimizzarle .

Quanto rende un sito e-commerce?

Per capire come sta performando un negozio online, nei primi mesi dopo la messa online, è sicuramente importante misurare il fatturato ed il numero di vendite. Quello che accade però è che molto spesso ci si scontra con cifre molto basse . Molti imprenditori infatti si aspettano che una volta che il sito va online si inizia vendere subito. Ma (chiaramente) non è così…

Partiamo da un’ ovvia considerazione : dato che i accadono raramente (in fondo all’articolo trovi però un aiuto non da poco), decidi cosa vuoi fare seguendo questo semplice schema:

Quali sono i tuoi obiettivi?

Per prima cosa è fondamentale definire obiettivi realistici e identificare gli indicatori di rendimento (in inglese ), che definiscono realmente come stanno andando le cose.

Questi indicatori possono essere sia finanziari (es. fatturato, marginalità dei prodotti, scontrino medio…) che di comportamento (es. tasso di riacquisto, tasso di abbandono del carrello, adesione alle promozioni…).

La capacità di aumentare le performance del proprio e-commerce e raggiungere gli obiettivi si basa principalmente su 3 aspetti:

Aspetti tecnici

Spesso sono, erroneamente, gli unici considerati in una prima fase. Includono degli elementi molto importanti e di costo elevato: la scelta della piattaforma o lo sviluppo del sito.

Ma quali sono gli aspetti tecnici da tenere in considerazione e perché sono importanti? Le soluzioni disponibili oggi sono molte, con caratteristiche diverse: fondamentale è valutare la solidità della soluzione , le funzionalità che questa garantisce e la sua scalabilità .

Nel precedente articolo abbiamo parlato di alcuni aspetti tecnici e in particolare dell’ e-commerce in Cloud ; è bene sapere che questi aspetti sono decisivi per ottenere delle buone performance. Una soluzione solida ed efficiente deve:

Avere quindi una piattaforma efficiente ed efficace permette di ridurre le spese di manutenzione e concentrare gli sforzi su aspetti commerciali e di marketing: per questo le piattaforme in Cloud sono la prima scelta.

Aspetti di usabilità

Se il sito non porta l’utente a trovare i prodotti facilmente e a concludere gli acquisti con semplicità essere velocissimi e sempre online non serve.

Ma come si può misurare l’usabilità della piattaforma e-commerce?

Ad esempio valutando i comportament i degli utenti sul sito e misurando quanto spesso compiono o non compiono determinate azioni : quante volte l’utente utilizza lo strumento di ricerca interno al sito? Quanti click occorrono per passare dall’ homepage al prodotto desiderato? Quante volte abbandona il carrello? Quali sono i da smartphone?

Trovare le risposte a queste (e a tante altre) domande è un passo fondamentale per comprendere come gli utenti usino il sito e, quindi, ottimizzare la loro esperienza. Ecco alcune considerazioni:

Ogni business online ha i suoi KPI e le sue specificità, ma studiare l’usabilità del sito è un passaggio chiave per aumentarne le performance

Aspetti di marketing

Nessun sito potrà mai vendere senza una corretta strategia di marketing che porti clienti interessati ai prodotti.

Senza un’adeguata attività di promozione sarà difficile:

Grazie all’analisi dei comportamenti degli utenti, dei dati di traffico e di acquisto, è possibile definire delle azioni mirate di marketing che stimolino l’utente nel momento in cui dimostra interesse all’acquisto, rafforzino il brand e migliorino il posizionamento del sito agli occhi del cliente, a scapito dei concorrenti.

Vendere online e aumentare il rendimento dell’e-commerce si può, se sai come farlo.

Per questo ti invitiamo a partecipare al NetComm Forum il 10 e 11 maggio a Milano, dove saremo presenti come partner certificati di Kooomo, eletta tra le migliori piattaforme e-commerce al mondo e unica italiana a essere inserita da Gartner nel Magic Quadrant .

Vieni a scoprire come ottimizzare il tuo investimento.

Richiedici un biglietto!

Ti faremo risparmiare oltre 100€ e avrai la possibilità di chiedere una consulenza gratuita per il tuo progetto e-commerce .

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