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By Womens Miroissi CrossBody Bag Aldo nNMrST

Executive Editor, PCWorld | Jun 11, 2014 8:28 AM PT

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Tripp-Lite TLP606DMUSB review: This surge suppressor clamps to your desk
At a Glance

Allocacoc PowerCube Extended USB

Few things are more irksome than a poorly designed power strip. So I was intrigued when Allocacoc pitched me on their PowerCube line of power outlets. If you’re like me, you probably have as many devices—smartphone, tablet, media player, and so on—that rely on USB cables for charging as you do hardware that needs an AC power cable. So I’ll cover four of Allocacoc's products here, but the rating above is specifically for the $25 PowerCube Extended USB.

The first thing you’ll want to know about the entire PowerCube line is that they don’t offer any power conditioning or surge suppression; these devices are designed primarily for convenience. They are, however, equipped with a resettable fuse, so they should provide at least some protection to the devices you plug into them. But unlike Unisex Adults Dynacomf Open Mesh Trainers 1810217 Dress Blue Le Coq Sportif v7nXPzMoF
and some other companies that manufacture true surge suppressors, Allocacoc doesn’t provide insurance to cover your devices should their product fail to protect them from AC power transients.

You can mount the PowerCube Extended USB to the top or bottom of your work surface to gain five additional outlets and two USB charging ports.

The PowerCube Original ($13) has AC outlets on five sides, but you’ll still end up with five outlets in total when you plug it in to a wall outlet—not seven—because the PowerCube consumes one AC receptacle in the outlet and blocks the second plug. You can purchase a second PowerCube Original and plug it into the first, giving you a net total of nine outlets (because it consumes one of the first PowerCube’s outlets). Just make sure the entire load doesn’t exceed 15 amps. The PowerCube Original USB ($20) is pretty much the same device but with two USB charging ports in place of one outlet.

Each USB charging port delivers 5.0 volts and 2.0 amps to a connected USB smartphone, tablet, or media player, so you can power six devices at once. You’ll need to provide your own USB cables, as none come in the box. And if you own Apple devices with Lightning connectors, make sure you buy Apple-certified cables so you’re not hounded by those aggravating “this cable is or accessory is not certified and may not work…” messages).

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Mark Gurman
Company will also outline software roadmap for the next year
Tech giant to more tightly integrate Mac, iPhone software
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Apple Plans to Unveil Digital Health Initiative
Apple Plans to Unveil Digital Health Initiative

Apple Plans to Unveil Digital Health Initiative

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In recent months, ASOS DESIGN Tall mini ultimate cotton smock dress Black Asos Tall YM1un
has been criticized for the addictive nature of its devices. Next week, the company plans to unveil software to help cure people of their iPhone habit.

specific job specific hiring manager human qualities EQ (emotional intelligence) strengths In-depth analytics potential gap-areas

Automated online programming skills assessment

At DevSKiller we make assessing programmers skills look like their 1st day at work.

Here you are not limited to testing knowledge of programming languages, but you can also verify actual skills of candidate in certain frameworks and libraries. DevSKiller helps you verify programming skills with online coding tests which consist of real-life programming tasks and code review challenges.

It is easy to use for recruiters and provides them with automated coding scoring.

With DevSKiller you get 3 ways to assess coding skills: you can use ready to use assessment, generate your own from predefined catalog of coding tasks or create your own coding tasks using your own code base.

DevSKiller – what you can achieve?

By using DevSKiller you make your screening and sourcing process much more effective, efficient and accurate. Thus:

DevSKiller – how we do it?

We help you effectively recruit tech talents thanks to DevSKiller unique features:

1. We cover all of the most popular programming languages, frameworks and libraries

With DevSKiller you are not limited to testing knowledge of programming languages, but you can verify actual skills of candidate in certain frameworks and libraries. Why is it important? Without it a developer will struggle himself to code everything by himself from scratch and just waste their and company’s time. If a programmer is familiar with libraries and frameworks then he can use it like lego to make what they need and write code only where it is necessary. By doing it this way their work is much more efficient.

2. We verify real coding skills through programming tasks and code review challenges

DevSKiller doesn’t use algorithmic tasks as they cannot serve as a proof of programmer’s abilities and ability to solve programming problems. Our coding assessments can consist of: choice question, programming tasks and code review challenges. We use coding tasks to let programmers show their skills in action. Code review challenges evaluate candidate's familiarity of design patterns and coding practices. It gives very accurate information about developer’s experience, their approach to code quality and efficiency of debugging and finding traps. Such an assessment should be obligatory when recruiting senior developers.

3. Our assessments imitates natural programming environment

Our coding tests are open-book exams, we let programmers use external sources and their favorite IDE just as they do on a daily basis at work. The best programmer is not the one that learns everything by heart, but the one who knows how to use the knowledge that is already developed and is able to build their solution on the top.

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From Software engineers to architect, DoSelect provides realworld assessments for all levels and roles.

DoSelect is a SaaS platform that is geared to supply Talent Acquisition, Learning, and Workforce Planning teams with technical acumen data in the internal employee pool as well as candidates being considered for open roles. DoSelect enables this measurement by exposing personnel to real-life application scenarios which closely replicate their actual work environment, a far cry from reliance on Whiteboard Rounds and Performance Ratings which do not empower teams to quantify the exact measure of technical skills. The advantages of a DoSelect intervention are being seen at new hiring where talent acquisition teams can visualize the performance of the candidate on technology stacks they are working with, training effectiveness where learning teams are able to quantify the skills gap between top and bottom performers on a particular technology and workforce planning teams where they can place better bids for projects by understanding the current skills bank in the organization.

DoSelect's public launch has since seen forward looking organizations like Amazon, Tata Communications, InMobi, Atom Technologies, ZeOmega, Houzify etc embrace it for technical measurement.

Learn More >

People analytics that drives retention.

Echovate is a people analytics platform with a focus on pre-interview, strategic onboarding and team optimization. We bridge the gap between pre-hire screening and employee engagement.

Getting the ‘right people in the right seats on the bus’ is a critical driver to high impact business outcomes. We take a unique approach with a focus on the individual contributor and what makes them successful. We are able to define where that person will be most effective and why. We then give you the insights and tools to maximize their post-hire effectiveness.

We break this down into four key areas:

Talent Alignment

Where and why will this individual fit in the organization? How do you make sure they are not just great at interviewing and selling themselves? With Echovate we visually represent the statistical significance and probability of success of a person through a similarity score to another person and to a persona. With that similarity score we are able to define where in the organization that person will be most effective and why.

Talent Mobility

Through our persona-based mapping we can better align employees and candidates to the right area and positions in the organization. Design a career path, maximize your candidate pipeline and find undiscovered talent in your organization. Personas are fully customizable to drive organizational design.

Team Optimization

The ability to replicate the success of teams, groups or locations is paramount to success. We analyze the totality of the team and what makes them successful. Based on this known success we can look at everyone in your organization and recommend placement as you look to grow and optimize the people you already have. We can even tell you which team that new candidate should be assigned to and what manager they should report to maximize success.

Strategic Onboarding

Tactical onboarding is all about compliance. What about strategic onboarding? We offer insights and coaching tools to help maximize their first 90 days, a critical retention milestone.

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Turn your recruitment into a learning process

Empirical Hire platform enables companies to utilize their people metrics to transform people-related decisions into a learning process.

Using a 10-15 minutes pre-hire assessment, we help you predict who will stay longer and perform better.

We do this by Comparing recruiting scores to actual performance, Tapping the traits that have the highest predictive power, and Adjusting our platform to better predict performance.

Why Empirical Hire?

Hire right with data - Empirical Hire improves your hiring process by adding a data driven AI layer to your professional judgment. Our screening test is based on sound behavioral science and actual performance data in order to help you pick the best from the rest.

Eliminate hiring biases - By constantly comparing test results to actual performance we can make sure our test doesn't discriminate different groups in the population. We only use assessment methods that were found to beunbiased.

Reduce turnover – By comparing our test results to employees' actual performance we can utilize the traits responsible for higher retention and help you identify applicants who will stay the longest.

Optimize for top sales and service - Our machine-learning algorithm is specially designed to identify high-potential applicants in sales and customer servicepositions with traits that resemble existing top performers in the company.

Improve as you go - Our AI system gets smarter with everynew data point, constantly optimizing recruiters' decision-making.

Awesome applicant experience - Short and powerful! Applicant experience is important for your ongoing brand-building. That's why we select only questions with high predictive power to build a15-minute test that will create an engaging applicant experience.

Our platformallows organizations/HR to:

Learn More >

Assess Who is Qualified in Minutes

Since 2003, eSkill has been an expert provider of online skills testing for applicant screening and staff training for thousands of organizations around the world. eSkill lets hiring managers easily select or customize relevant job-based tests from a library of over 600 modular subjects and subtopics across a wide range of disciplines, including Microsoft Office, Software, Language, Clerical, Customer Service, Call Center, Accounting and Finance, Medical and Nursing, Legal, Industrial, Retail Sales, Food Services , and more. eSkill’s questions and leading-edge simulations recreate software programs and work environments to assess how well candidates can perform actual job tasks.

eSkill is for you if you’ve always wanted to:

• Hire skilled candidates more accurately and quickly• Have valid data to support and legally defend your hiring decisions• Have the ability to easily customize tests or deploy your own tests online• Assess the detailed skill levels of candidates and staff scientifically• Give applicants a professional preview of what knowledge is required for the job• Assess training needs and readiness prior to expensive training programs

Companies like Randstad Technologies, Coca-Cola, Zappos, ADP, Orvis and Paychex appreciate the wide selection and customizability of eSkill pre-employment assessments, which allow them to hire high performing employees.

What makes eSkill the premier skills testing product? At eSkill we offer:

1. Easily customizable, relevant and valid tests from our industry-leading library for any job or training objective.2. Dedicated Client Success Managers who help you configure your tests and deployment plan.3. The ability to add your own test content to use by itself or blend with eSkill’s ready-made questions.4. Access to a massive 600+ subject library for building tests from a selection of ready-made job-based and single-subject tests.5. Class-leading advanced simulation tests that replicate real-life work environments.6. EEOC-compliant assessments that have gone 15 years without legal challenge.7. A reliable and pleasant test experience for candidates and trainees – taking a test requires nothing but an Internet browser.8. Integration of eSkill testing with your existing applicant database, applicant tracking system or learning management system.

Overview of Testing Experience

• Administration: Online, requires nothing but an Internet browser• Results Turnaround: Immediate• Available 24/7, uptime 99.9%.

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Meet your unfair hiring advantage

FluentIQ will tell you straight away which applicants have sufficient English communication skills for the role you are seeking to fill. FluentIQ empowers you to recruit only the best communicators from the widest possible talent pool. FluentIQ is an English Communication assessment for the 21st Century. Using FluentIQ, you can quickly and cost efficiently screen for the English communication ability required for a role. Why you need FluentIQ: 1. Right now, from thousands of candidates, you have no way of knowing who has sufficient English communication skills for the jobs you are trying to fill. 2. Manual, highly inefficient, and subjective processes to determine this are wasting your time, limiting your talent pool, and costing you money. 3. FluentIQ will help you filter your candidates right at the start so that you ONLY spend time looking at those who have the ability to communicate effectively for the role. FluentIQ gives modern recruiter’s a distinct competitive advantage. With FluentIQ, you can pre-screen faster, recruit from a much larger talent pool, and build diverse teams. Start using FluentIQ Test Center to improve the recruitment outcomes in your business.

Learn More >

A smart culture scaling platform for leaders!

Building a high-performing company culture is one of the most important priorities for the leaders of any organization.

Fortay provides a holistic data-driven toolset that enables to scale or evolve your company’s culture, as well track and improve employee engagement!

Your best people define your company's unique cultural profile, and with our cultural benchmarking tools, you can screen candidates for relative team fit. Unlike psychometric (persona) based solutions, Fortay focuses on the collective beliefs and values of your best employees. Fortay promotes diversity by focusing on objective results for relative culture fit in just 5 minutes.

Our solution will help you identify promising candidates faster, reduce screening times, and significantly reduce your cost per hire. We also complement technical and cognitive tests to hire the best candidates.

Here’s what you can expect by implementing Fortay into your hiring process:

• Increase both hiring efficiency and quality of candidates

• Objectively nurture or evolve your company culture

• Leverage actionable insights to improve employee engagement

Here’s what our customers are saying:

“We started using Fortay when we were first building out our recruiting system and have made it our primary initial screen for candidates. It solved a unique problem we had: how to hire for culture without bias. Furthermore, it has allowed us to cut down time spent on candidates with a very low culture match by prompting all candidates to take the Fortay survey in advance of our initial discussion.” -- CTO

“When we introduced Fortay into our hiring process, it helped to very quickly identify individuals who may not be a good team match before spending time assessing or interviewing for their technical or professional fit. Fortay has helped reduce the risk of favouring skills fit over culture fit, and it has saved us an average of 10-20 hours for each role by removing candidates early on who just are not the right overall fit for our company.” -- Daryl

"I absolutely loved the cultural assessment of my own employees as it told me a few things I had not even considered. It has an eerie ability to take those normally intangible aspects of culture and transforming them into something useful and actionable. Right now, it is providing a valuable piece of objective data about the job candidate my team and I use to help make a decision on who we will offer a job. Since I've started using it, it helped with 3 hires and we are just getting started" -- CTO

Learn More >

The only technical assessment platform to offer peer reviewed code challenges. Gain deep technical insight through human reviewed code challenges.

Geektastic is the only code challenge platform that uses a universally accepted peer review process rather than machine automation to thoroughly assess your candidates.

Using Geektastic means you will never filter out a good candidate by mistake and avoid wasting time with developers that can crack an algorithm, but still write unmaintainable code.

We offer you

Complete flexibility

I mproved candidate experience

We make sure you only interview the best applicants for your software engineering roles.


A.I. powered Competency-based Hiring Platform powers skill based hiring practices for some of the world’s best brands. Whether you are trying to make your recruiters more efficient or save valuable interviewing time, the platform has a place in your recruitment process. Our advanced analytics provides insights into potential top performers early in the recruiting process and helps your organization make better and more informed decisions. Fast growing organizations rely on to create a sustainable pipeline of vetted candidates and build great teams.

Choose to automatically assess candidates via – traditional assessments with proctoring, performance tasks or video interviews. Our assessments cater to a wide variety of job roles. Find tailor made assessments for job roles related to Engineering, Data Science, Customer support, Product Management, Sales, Marketing, etc. Our robust assessment engine has performed more than 100 million evaluations.

ASSESSMENTS FOR EVERY ROLE GLIDER comes pre-loaded with a bank of readymade assessments suited to every job role. You can utilize these pre-made assessments from our library or create custom evaluations from scratch using 40+ interactive question types (Coding, Video, Categorization, Matchmaking, Heat map, Analytical, Likert, Comprehension, Aptitude etc.) to assess various attributes.

CODING ASSESSMENTS The platform is uniquely suited to assess design, critical thinking and analytical skills of software developers. With coding environments in more than 45 different languages, you can assess not only the ability to logically think and program but also the mastery of the specific language constructs. In addition, you can quickly get deep insights into code quality, performance and completeness of every submission and replay every candidate action. Taking this further, you can also deliver adaptive assessments that are personalized to the candidate and change in real-time based on the candidate’s skill.

REAL-TIME VIDEO INTERVIEWS A live interview enables a interviewer to connect face-to-face via webcam with a candidate no matter where they are located. The sessions can also enable screen sharing and have access to a workpad for the candidate. These sessions can also be recorded and shared.

RECORDED VIDEO INTERVIEWS We uniquely combine standard assessments with automated video pitch interviews within the same platform - making it engaging and fun for the candidate while at the same time being able to uncover key elements of candidate performance.

PERFORMANCE TASKS Candidates can be assessed on real-world projects, be it debugging an issue in a lifelike project with an IDE or demonstrating the ability to use custom software. Our virtual-machine based platform simulates the daily work environment of candidates and captures their performance on the task - you can look at the final task performance summary or replay every step.

PROCTORING PLAGIARISM DETECTION GLIDER’s state-of-the-art proctoring and anti-plagiarism features ensure integrity of the assessment results. Video recording, screen-capture, screenshare, log every candidate action. Whether the user switched tabs on the browser to Google an answer, or copy-pasted text from a different source. For the most demanding test situations, GLIDER also supports live proctoring where a remote human proctor continuously monitors the candidate. GLIDER can detect plagiarism on descriptive answers and code samples and alert you on the risk of plagiarism by candidates.

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Hire Top Technical Talent At Scale

Hiring programmers is not only a tedious process but also very time consuming. Right from the process of sourcing a pipeline of potential candidates, to short listing the right ones to ultimately conducting numerous rounds of interviews to hire the best candidate can take up a significant amount of time and effort.

And even after jumping through so many hoops there is no guarantee that you have hired the right candidate. HackerEarth has built a suite of products that help you not only reduce time and effort in hiring the right candidates but also ensure that you hire only the best developers for your organization.

HackerEarth offers 3 solutions for technical hiring

Developer outsourcing: Only 3% of all the candidates who enter a recruiting funnel, eventually get hired. HackerEarth, through it’s unique model of programming challenges/hackathons, helps you to build a pipeline of pre-­filtered candidates who have an active intent. HackerEarth has a thriving community of developers where thousands of developers log in every day to improve their programming skills, compete against each other and discover jobs. Target the right set of candidates for your organization using HackerEarth’s unique skill matching engine.

Technical Assessment: Over 85% of candidates drop out before reaching the final stage of hiring process. HackerEarth’s holistic technical assessment tool allows you to easily and quickly identify the best developers in your talent pipeline. Identify the right candidates for the job by giving them programming assignments that simulate the actual work they will do in their job. Interview only those candidates that meet your bar.

Remote Interviewing: Over 50% of the candidates under­-perform in phone interviews, particularly more so in case of technical interviews. That’s because telephonic interviews can be uncomfortable and might not bring out the best in a candidate. Interview programmers right in their comfort zone with HackerEarth’s remove interviewing tool, that has a programmer friendly web­-based code editor and seamlessly video/audio functionality.

Read what some of our customers have to say

With the traditional hiring approaches, our success ratio is 20:1 (out of 20 engineers we interviewed, we were able to identify one suitable engineer). But with the HackerEarth approach, the success ratio was 4:1 (out of 4 engineers we interviewed, we were able to identify a suitable engineer)­ -

There are many pros to using HackerEarth recruit. We've saved a lot of time in the hiring process. But what has been even more important has been the quality of candidates that we have been able to unearth using HackerEarth recruit. Some of the candidates that we hired from campuses were in fact, better than our lateral hires. I'm not sure if we could have found such people using the conventional method. -

Learn More >

Skills-Based Hiring with HackerRank for Work

Every single company needs technical talent. It doesn’t matter if you’re in healthcare or entertainment, building a strong engineering team is essential to stay competitive. So, how do you get the best talent? By evolving from the traditional resume-based approach to the proven, skills-based hiring strategy.

HackerRank for Work helps companies find the right developers by providing a simple, easy-to-use platform that gives recruiters and hiring managers the power to source, screen, and hire the best tech talent in the world. By sending coding challenges that test for the skills you need, candidates qualify themselves based on how well they do.

So, how will HackerRank for Work transform the way you build your world class engineering team? We’re glad you asked.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Here is what some major industry players are saying about us:


—VMware, senior staffing manager, Mathias Connot.


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Smarter Sourcing: Replace low-turnout, cumbersome career fairs and clunky LinkedIn searches with engaging, online coding challenges. Supplement those challenges with an existing community of over 2 million developers and quickly widen your talent pool.

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